A site for messy crossdressing and clothes destruction
I am a happily married hetrosexual male who enjoys all aspects of messy play along with a love of crossdressing. On this site you will find a record of most of my exploits even if it is only in the blog. Not all of the content will suit everyone but I will try to make you aware beforehand the kind of content you are likely to see.  Not long after we first met I introduced my wife to WAM and she was shocked to say the least. However she did eventually get round to trying it out (more to please me I guess) and over the years we had some fun. As her interest waned I turned to crossdressing as a way of getting a 'female' messy but soon realised I loved the feel of the clothes. My wife found out about it eventually and was not too happy but she accepted me for what I am. In return I try not to indulge in my passions when she is around out of respect. However we do play verbal games on occasion when I will hold up a dress in a store to show her and she tells me off.  I started off WAM like a lot of people by just getting wet. After all you seen many people fully clothed in fountains etc. I think I moved on when I saw a pie fight and then experimented with foodstuffs. To start with it was beans, custard and cream but over the years I have tried all sorts of food with varying degrees of success.  When we moved to the country I had the chance to try mud which was lovely. It was while I was rolling around in the mud I realised that it probably contained a lot more than mud and so I tried cow poo and found it fantastic especially as it was so 'naughty'.  A lot of the time clothing was ruined and the easiest way to remove it was to rip or cut it off. I gradually came to like this aspect of my fetish as the sound was eletric and the effect permanent. I then started just ripping clothes but to make it more interesting I added the random element to the fun. I tried lots of ways but settled eventually on drawing a tick or cross out of a box. Quick and easy.  Anyway you will find all this and more on the site. Some you will hate, some you might like and I hope there is a little you really enjoy. The site is purely for my indulgence but I would welcome your views, good or bad. And feel free to ask any questions.  Alan (Davina)
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