History - feel free to psychoanalyze
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My very first recollection of WAM was an old black and white film with a woman in a tight black satin dress, seamed stockings and black heels standing beside a lamp post. The distracted painter turns back and paint her rather than the lamp post. My memory is of her look as she watches the white paint run down her dress, her stockings and then her shoes.
From then on it was mainly pie fights that kept my attention but what I do remember was the woman had to be really smartly dressed for it to have the greatest impact on me. Thankfully the old slapstick films nearly always had the woman beautifully dressed.

I would guess I was in my early teens by then and I remember trying to persuade a girl who played with myself and my friends that it would be fun to jump in the boating lake fully clothed. She did eventually but she was a tomboy and wore old jeans, trainers and a t-shirt so it was a minor success. The only kiss I ever got from her was also a bit of a let down but that’s another story.

It is all a bit hazy now but I do remember experimenting with wet and muddy clothes using some old clothes of mine which I kept hidden in our disused air raid shelter at the bottom of the garden. It wasn’t great but it was all I had but very quickly my clothes stunk of rot and didn't give me the thrill I was looking for.

I knew I wanted to move on and not having a sister I resorted to some old clothes of my mothers. This went well until I tried to go one step too far. I mixed together some paints and used them in the bathroom. Well of course the smell got to my parents and they wanted to know what I was doing. In panic I threw the clothes and the paint out of the window but they found them. Well that was an interesting conversation.
I guess my parents must have worked out I had some sort of fetish about getting messy but nothing was said on either side. I just went on assuming that I was the only person in the world turned on by getting messy.

That, as far as I can tell, put a halt on my play for some time. I still masturbated to bits of film and the odd picture but this was before video recorders and the internet so it was difficult to find things related to getting messy. Even watching the old movies was difficult alone.

The next time I remember getting back into it was once I had met my wife although to start with we just lived together for many years. We shared a flat with another guy so nothing happened in the wet look or mess department and in fact it was some time later I even brought the subject up.

My first, disastrous attempt at anything outrageous was not WAM but ripping. Even now I’m not sure where that came from but we had played about with it in our bedroom conversations and I thought she had agreed that on a specific day she would wear something for me to rip. I must admit to being surprised when she wore a crisp white blouse and short black skirt. We went for a drink at the pub and on our return to the flat we jumped on the bed. Wasting no time I grasped the blouse at either collar and pulled. The blouse flew open with buttons going everywhere. Grasping the skirt at the back I ripped it apart up the back seam and was rewarded by a flood of tears and being told to get out of the bedroom. It was fairly obvious I had done something very wrong and the silence over the next 24 hours was horrific.
Thinking back I realise it very lucky we even stayed together after that incident. Possibly the fact we worked together might have helped. Anyway the relationship was very strained for the next few weeks. I explained what I thought we'd agreed and gradually we sorted it out helped in some part by a shopping trip for new clothes.

The only other time that anything happened during the time in the flat was when we went out into the countryside to take some photos. It was not really a glamouur shoot but it ended up like one. She wore a white blouse and tight jeans and seemed happy to pose in just the blouse and also naked when I asked. She even changed into a see through blouse and white skirt. However when I suggested stepping into the mud she made it very clear that wasn’t going to happen.
I suppose, looking back, I should have been more forthright and told her of my likes but I didn’t so it was a very slow process to turn her on to my way of thinking.

Once we moved into our own house I renewed my efforts to get her wet or messy. She had a lovely white gypsy skirt and camisole and I persuaded her to dress in these along with her long black boots and pose on the bed. I even made up a shaving foam pie for her to play with but she wouldn't use it. When I asked her to pretend to get into the bath she was happy to do so but when I tried to get her to actually step in the answer was no. However she did finally agree to stepping in wearing a pair of white harem trousers a blouse so I declared it a partial success.

When we looked at the photos the next week (no digital cameras then) she seemed happy and I asked if she'd get wet for me again. I explained it was sort of an extension to a wet t-shirt session and to my surprise she agreed. She even agreed to me taking some photos. Whilst I prepared she went to change and returned in a nice white blouse, skirt, undies and long boots. Fantastic. However she took the boots off before going into the water and I decided not to push her limits. I joined her in the bath and we played about before heading to the bedroom.
I seem to remember playing in the bath quite a few times after that. Still no shoes or boots but then neither of us had much money so weren't prepared to ruin anything.

Our first muddy session happened almost by accident as my wife had bought a dress ages ago and decided she really didn't like it. She put it on and asked me my opinion and I agreed so she said she was going to throw it out (Not many charity clothes shops then.). I jokingly said it would be fun to get it dirty before it went in the bin. She wasn't sure what I meant and I plucked up the courage to suggest getting it muddy. At first she seemed reluctant but eventually agreed and I hurriedly mixed some potters clay I had bought. I was amazed when she actually dipped her shoe in but only getting the sole dirty. She then went on to smear it over bits of the dress but didn't go too far. Still it was a good start. Not sure why there are no photos of the dress when it got dirty.

The very first time my wife took the lead in anything wet or messy was when we were out for a walk in the woods nearby. She had actually bought another yellow dress which we both liked and she was wearing it along with a grey cardigan and trainers. As we were walking back along a fairly muddy section I mentioned that her last yellow dress had got muddy. She looked at me and coyly asked 'So should I get this one muddy?' Well I couldn't believe what I'd heard but I said, 'Yes please.' She kicked off her trainers and very gingerly stepped into the muddy puddle. She walked up and down and I wondered if it was to go any further when she pretended to stumble and sat right down in the mud. I could see by the smile on her face it was all planned and I waited to see what happened next. Unfortunately that was as far as it went and I had a very muddy car seat to clean the next day but I was happy.

Now I wondered if this was a 'one off' or maybe I might be able to progress things further. We had finally got round to decorating our spare bedroom and I decided to see if she would play with paint. I summoned up the courage to dab some paint on her nose and she responded by doing the same to me. I then moved the brush towards her breast. She was wearing an old t-shirt but I was unsure what to do. She said 'You wouldn't dare' but had a big grin on her face so I did paint the outline of her breast on the t-shirt. As far as I remember it didn't go much further but that evening I asked if she would let me paint her clothes properly. She asked what she should wear and I said a dress, undies, stockings and boots. She didn't say anything but the next day she showed me a polka dot dress she'd bought and asked if it was suitable. Of course I agreed and she went to change and I got my camera. When she came back she had on the dress, knickers, suspenders, stockings and her best black boots. I was shaking with the sight of it. She started to paint the ceiling but then asked what she should do. I said I wanted her to paint herself but she decided the boots weren't to be ruined. I was disappointed but happy when she reappeared wearing a pair of brown boots instead. What happened next wasn't the all over covering I was hoping for but it was great and led us both to the bedroom via the bath.

At this stage in our lives our job situation changed and we had to move to the Midlands. With all the work involved in moving house and then decorating, rewiring and plumbing our wet and messy fun stopped. I spent the first few months at home doing all the work while my wife went out and earnt the money. I got round to thinking about how I could get messy on my own and decided I would try dressing as a woman, taking pictures and pretending it was a woman getting messy. It was fairly obvious that this was to be done in secret and so I used to go and buy the clothes, get messy and then throw everything out. Strangely the one thing I never bought was a wig but I suppose I just thought about the messy clothes rather than dressing as a woman.

The first set that I am aware of had only a short skirt and a nice white blouse along with two plates of beans, custard and rice pudding. I'm not even sure whether I bought underwear although I do remember enjoying the shopping experience. As you can see I didn't get very messy. To be honest I hadn't really thought anything through and realised afterwards I needed more mess and more clothes.

The next few sets sees a very uninspiring set of clothes and I have combined the pictures. At least I had now progressed to a full set of clothes including shoes. The first set of pictures show a boring set of brown low heels with frilly white blouse and skirt. The second set again has some dubious clothing but at least my shoes now have a heel. The third set shows a nicer tight skirt and some proper white heels. Remember, all these clothes were used once then thrown in a bin bag and taken to the tip.

It was about this time that there came a lull in my building work around the house and we decided to have some time to ourselves. I casually mentioned that I could hire a video camera and asked if my wife would consider getting painted again. To my surprise she was up for it. So much so she insisted on going shopping for all the clothes. Without any prompting form me she bought a matching set of white undies with suspender belt, black stockings, black heels, black leather look skirt and cerise satin blouse. When we were discussing what we would do I made sure to check that ripping the clothes would be acceptable after my previous fiasco. Imagine my surprise when she also arranged to have her hair done prior to the day. Anyway, the only pictures that survive are shown here. i have no idea what happened to the video but I wish it would appear! As you can see I decided to join in at the end.

Back on the decorating side I realised we had dozens of those little sample pots of paint left over so Idecided to play with them. I went out and bought a big full black skirt to paint and added a red blouse, red stockings undies and matching red heels. Once I had played with all the sample pots I also added a tin of emulsion to the mix. Again, there was not as much mess and still no ripping of the clothes. Just threw them away.

I decided it was time to try some different food mess and I went shopping for some clothes. I normally started with the shoes as I am a size 9 and there weren't many heels in that size. I then went on to buy the rest of the clothes and you will see I didn't hold back. A gold metallic blouse, black split skirt, matching undies, slip, petticoats and stockings. I also bought a huge variety of food, some of which can be seen on the table. Unfortunately the flash on the camera was rubbish so the pictures aren't great. You will notice that ripping the clothes appears in these photos but I notice the shoes are still clean inside.I still hadn't thought about a wig but added a mask to hide my head. With hindsight I could have picked a better mask.

I often wondered how far I could push my wife's limits and I got the chance while we were on holiday in Portugal. We had both been swimming and had dired off on the beach. There weren't that many people about so I asked her if she would swap her bikini top for her t-shirt and go swimming again. She lloked around hesitantly but eventually she whipped off her top and pulled on the t-shirt. Once she had posed in the sea she seemed to not worry and walked around the beach with the t-shirt plastered to her tits.

Much as I enjoyed playing with food I felt paint made more of a mess so I decided to try again. This time I would try to weave a tentative story into my pictures. A well dressed woman 'accidently' sitting on a paint lid. Again I started with the shoes which were gorgeous. I then found a satin blouse to match and a black skirt to show off the paint. A full set of undies and stockings finished the outfit. You'll notice the skirt got ripped but I'm not sure anything else did.

I saw a pair of red heels for sale and bought them and added a matching red skirt, white blouse, undies, a petticoat and stockings then decided food should be given another go. This time I chose puddings and set about making a mess. Again it wasn't that messy and nowadays I would have kept those heels as they only needed a wipe. Of course I couldn't keep things as I didn't want my wife finding out.

Now it was time to see if my wife would get muddy outdoors. I asked her one evening when we were both merry and she said she would so the next day I suggested going shopping. She asked what I wanted her to wear and I told her some ideas. That is when she produced the pink skirt and white blouse. I told her they might get damaged in the mud but she seemed okay with that. However, we still needed undies and shoes so we went shopping. I chose the bra, knickers, suspenders, petticoat and stockings whilst my wife chose the shoes. Now my plan was to go the East coast where I knew there was plenty of mud. However I should have gone looking first. We drove around lots of places without success and eventually I spotted a muddy field. Unfortunately there was a farmer in his tractor so we headed for the nearest village. My wife created quite a stir dressed as she was on a weekday but that didn't stop her trying to flash ehr stocking tops. After lunch we headed back and the farmer was still there. frustrated we drove home and found the filed we used less than a mile from home! The idea was she would 'accidently' fall over trying to get past the mud. She played it well and didn't even flinch when a tractor came right past the field entrance.

Now it was time for more paint and I found a stunning pair of multi colour heels and had buy them even though they were expensive. To go with them I bought a black leather skirt and a ceris satin blouse to match the shoes. Added to that was underwear and stockings. Again the flimsy story was an 'accidental' step in a paint tin lid leading to total coverage. It was even better than the last time.

My free time was coming to an end at home but I wanted one more big session in paint and I decided to go mad with the clothes. It started with the purchase of a very expensive satin suit and to that I added the usual set of matching undies, stockings and patent heels. The one thing I was struggling with was a suitable blouse until I saw one in a big department store. Pure embroidered silk but I was hooked. I even went as far as buying a handbag and gloves to finish the outfit. I must admit to having a racing heart as I stepped under the stream of paint but once started I loved it. As I was taking the photos by setting the camera on 10 second delay I got to the point where I had other things on my mind. I do know the rest of the clothes got completely covered and ripped and cut to pieces.