Welcome - a short introduction
I am a happily married hetrosexual male who enjoys all aspects of messy play along with a love of crossdressing. On this site you will find a record of some of my exploits. Not all of the content will suit everyone but I will try to make you aware beforehand the kind of content you are likely to see.
The history section explains how I first got started with WAM and how I gradually introduced my partner to the subect.
I suppose the main section of the website contains some of my exploits on video. Over the years I have tried most things. Some have been successful and some have been less so. I am always willing to try most things so if you have any requests then let me know.
The photo section really just contains stills from my videos but there are others you might like to see.
The stories section is just that. Hopefully I will add to this section as and when I can and maybe even put an index back!
The blog hasn't been updated for some time but the early stuff has some interest.
Anyway you will find all this and more on the site. Some you will hate, some you might like and I hope there is a little you really enjoy. The site is purely for my indulgence but I would welcome your views, good or bad. And feel free to ask any questions.

  • Alan (Davina)